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Who I am.

May 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On the other side of this website, many of you only see a name, but I hope you're not shocked that I'm not a young mom.  In fact, I'm a wife, a mom and a grandmother.  That's a good resume' I think for the experience of taking pictures.  I've taken pictures since I was old enough to get my hands on a Poloroid, a 110 pocket camera, and many cameras since.   I have to smile that my children, now grown, still groan as I point a camera in their direction. They have been my captive subjects for many, many years.   My husband almost refuses to have his pictures taken, so I am blessed to have granddaughters that will smile and pose for the camera when ask.  Even my youngest grandson will oblige me, but my oldest grandson, not so much.   

I love capturing their smiles, moments of them studying or even when their total focus is on an Ipad or jumping to a video game.   But one thing I have found is that everytime I see my husband, my children, their spouses or our grandchildren, something happens to my heart.  It melts into a puddle of love and all I want is to capture the feeling, the moment...and sometimes that's in a picture.   Okay, maybe, a lot of the time it's in a picture.  That's why I have piles of pictures and too many SD cards and hard drives full of picttures to count.   

But a short few years ago, I started taking pictures of grandchildren through a nursery window, as my heart fell in love with each birth at first sight.  Not long ago, I found that falling in love with a grandchild doesn't have to be through a nursery window.  It can be through any window actually.   When you know that's your grandchild, your heart is theirs at first sight.  

A little over two years ago, we had the blessing of seeing a first picture of our youngest granddaughter long before we met her.  And then after what seemed forever, we fell head over heels as we watched through an airport terminal window as she approached with her Daddy, our oldest son, and her Mommy.   Her blonde hair and blue eyes were enough to turn us into putty.  She is the cutest little girl Poland ever saw.  

 There is nothing now like any of our grandchildren.   That's why we are so excited that another one is waiting to come home.

Our son and daughter in law have the biggest hearts I know for adoption and giving children a forever home.   They are on a journey again to bring home another child from Poland.   This is a big undertaking and they are willing to work, sacrifice and do whatever they have to do to make this happen, but they need help.   They have good friends that are so willing to donate, but it takes a village.  Granted, a big village, to bring this child home. But, oh, the love that is waiting for him or her is what every child deserves.  

If you have a tenderness in your heart for helping children find their forever family, I am currrently making a special offer on my photography sessions. For any verifiable donation to their youcaring page (see link below) to help in this quest, I am offering $20 off of any session.   If you can't help at this time, it would also be a great help if you would share this page.   Help us bring the newest Holloway home!   We can't wait!   Thank you so much in advance!     Click on the following website to help!  And don't forget to share!

Holloway Adoption





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